v0.xxa: Coming soon. Why not meanwhile check our blog?
v0.57a: All short URLs will preview the destination URL for enhanced safety first.
v0.55a: The API is no longer supported and has been decommissioned. Clean up.
v0.53a: Cloudflare CDN integration, cleaned up "post to external service" section.
v0.51a: Integration of Spamhaus' DBL.
v0.49a: Uptime statistics.
v0.47a: Integration of Google Safebrowsing (Try me!).
v0.45a: Removed "?" from short URLs.
v0.43c: Added Logo, content updates.

v0.43b: Added "Post to Facebook" link after shortening for easy usage.
v0.43a: Fixed minor encoding bugs, content updates.
v0.41a: Added preview function and stats.
v0.33c: Fixed a very rare redirection bug, minor code fixes.
Added API and documentation, minor code fixes.
v0.27a: Changed main domain to!
v0.25a: Using jquery and thickbox for internal links.
v0.23a: Minor code updates and change of link behaviour.
v0.21b: Added Privacy Policy.
v0.21a: Content update of the following sites: News, Contact and Terms of usage.
v0.19c: Added version information to the main site (it's a back button too).
v0.19b: Added "Post to Twitter" link after shortening for easy usage.
v0.19a: Added fresh bookmark shortcut Chilp it! for shortening your URLs with just one click.
v0.18a: Initial release and going live! Out of private into public beta. Wooho!

We are currently working on:

- Accounts (via OAuth, OpenID, etc.) and more detailed statistics
- Personal alias (e.g.

Feel free to contact us if you like to participate. You are very welcome!